Carol Randall

“Mother Nature provides the canvas. I help to make it a piece of art.”

Besides the beautiful scenery found along Fredericton’s over 120 kms of continuous walking trails on both sides of the St. John River, my canvas includes historical buildings and popular events, draft horses and large breed dogs - all basically found out my backdoor. After a day of shooting, I really enjoy the post processing aspect of converting a simple photo into a piece of art. And you might ask, “Why?”

As a young child in 1952 I contracted paralytic polio while living in Blacks Harbour, Charlotte County. Two years later our family moved to the farming community of Harvey Station, not far from Fredericton where I was able to start my rehabilitation. In spite of braces and crutches, I pride myself on being self-taught and self-sufficient throughout my life – always pursuing my dreams, whether as a statistical researcher with the National Hockey League (1972-1980) or as an administrator with several NB sports. After retiring from NB Tourism, I directed my research skills to becoming an author: Spares & Strikes: History of Candlepin Bowling in NB, Devon Remembered (4 volumes), and most recently my autobiography, Coming Full Circle: The Diaries of a Polio Survivor.

Throughout the years, photography has been my one constant hobby, with original inspirations from our many dogs and horses, guidance from the YMCA and a local photo studio, plus workshops and critiques from fellow members at the Montreal Camera Club and Photo Fredericton, and most of all the creativity of my photography and artist friends.

Now 70 years later, I am confined to both an electric wheelchair (indoors) and a three-wheel scooter (outdoors). Because of the very limited usage of my hands, I can handle only a small camera with a tilt screen. Therefore, the tools of my trade are a Nikon point-shoot camera, several photo editing programs, my scooter, and my hometown of Fredericton, the capital of New Brunswick, where I enjoy my many outings, that I call “Scoot & Shoot.”

Over the past few years my photography has been featured in many local exhibits and sales in downtown Fredericton restaurants and in the City Hall-Gallery. I have also addressed the city’s tourism market by applying my photos to several forms of souvenirs (post cards, magnets, calendars, jigsaw puzzles, etc.) that I sell to numerous businesses under the name of Fredericton Keepsakes –

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